In the 18th century, a Swiss sheep-farming family called Maggia settled in Pettinengo, Piedmont, and became known as the "Maggia" family. In the 1830s, they ventured into the knitting industry by purchasing handlooms. Over time, the business evolved, and Francesco Maggia and Son was founded. Francesco's young son, Eusebio, joined the company and later took over after his father's death. Despite his age, Francesco solved the factory's power issue by acquiring a steam engine machine, making Maggia the first textile center in Biella to have such technology.

In 1916, Francesco expanded the business by purchasing a large factory in Occhieppo Superiore, which remains the company's headquarters today. After the war, under the leadership of Cornelio Maggia, the company focused on producing traditional underwear, particularly in cotton fleece. Maglificio Maggia has been known for its innovation, being one of the first Italian companies to produce fabrics made of three different yarns.

In 1976, the company ventured into sports sponsorship, collaborating with renowned players like John Newcombe and Vitas Gerulaitis. They also shifted their production towards fashion items, partnering with Enrico Coveri to create and distribute sport and underwear lines.

During the early 1990s, Maggia shifted its focus from garment production to textile manufacturing. Currently, Umberto Maggia, Cornelio's son, leads the company, producing fabrics that are supplied to prestigious fashion brands in Italy and worldwide. The family business continues with the ninth generation, as Umberto's children, Ludovico and Giovanna, have recently joined the company. Their involvement ensures the continuity of Maggia's textile industry legacy in the Biella district.